Gina Été

Kintze17_Gina Été
‘Gina Été’, 2017. Acrylic colors on paper.

Coincidentially went to a small jazz club in Stuttgart to listen to a band called Gina Été. I didn’t expect anything, just carried my colors in the backpack – and was inspired from the first moment! They are great. Entertaining. Rich in variety between soft, inward, feathery ballads and rhythmic, energizing and moving songs.

Just try them:

It was Thursday evening and in a small town like Stuttgart, that meens it was almost empty in the streets and clubs. So I even had the chance to talk to the musicians after the gig. That’s what I call a perfect day.

Flamenco, Olé!

“Flamenco”, 2017. Acrylic Colors on Paper. 41cm x 32cm

There is a Bar in Stuttgart, where original ‘Gypsy’ Bands play and dance. So this painting just looks like Spain, it takes place in the city center of our beloved swabian capital. Well, who cares? I like the energy in the movements of the dancer. Wasn’t easy to freeze.

Day09 mountains (kind of)


Ronda would be just an ordinary midsized city in the region of Malaga – if it wasn’t for this river and the eyeopener of a bridge connecting two parts of the town! Mindblowing when you stand on it and see to the ground, some 150meters under your feet…

From the distance we draw, scribbled and painted. 3 people, 3 different pictures.

Our trip ends soon and we are very sad to leave the country. We will be back!

Day04 countryside


The story of a painting: I need a canvas for my paintings, so I ask in a shop which sells art and stuff, where to buy blank paper. The owner helps me and in addition he gives me a huge sheet of expensive paper.

So I spend the rest of the morning until noon looking for the perfect spot that guarantees a nice motif in respect of this gift and the astonishing landscape.

I hope I can bring this painting safely home to finish it with care and patience – considering hand luggage and the following days on the road.. May the God of Art be with me.

Day03 granada


We found Granada beautiful but very crowded. Easter might be one reason for all the people, with it’s processions all around the city.

I hiked up to alhambra (you dont necessarily need to pay money for a ticket) through the park – walking in the shadows of trees with birds that sing from every branch. Very contemplating! Then I rested on the hilltop and started to scribble for two hours. Starting to like this city.