Gina Été

Kintze17_Gina Été
‘Gina Été’, 2017. Acrylic colors on paper.

Coincidentially went to a small jazz club in Stuttgart to listen to a band called Gina Été. I didn’t expect anything, just carried my colors in the backpack – and was inspired from the first moment! They are great. Entertaining. Rich in variety between soft, inward, feathery ballads and rhythmic, energizing and moving songs.

Just try them:

It was Thursday evening and in a small town like Stuttgart, that meens it was almost empty in the streets and clubs. So I even had the chance to talk to the musicians after the gig. That’s what I call a perfect day.

Flamenco, Olé!

“Flamenco”, 2017. Acrylic Colors on Paper. 41cm x 32cm

There is a Bar in Stuttgart, where original ‘Gypsy’ Bands play and dance. So this painting just looks like Spain, it takes place in the city center of our beloved swabian capital. Well, who cares? I like the energy in the movements of the dancer. Wasn’t easy to freeze.