a bird visited me above the clouds

‘Trollblumen auf der Roten Flüh’ 2017, Acrylic colors on paper. 41x32cm


One day I brought my companion to mainstation in the city center of Stuttgart – passed ugly tunnels, cursed stinking cars, swallowed shitty air …

… and instantly fled.

To Austria my expedition went. I climbed some thousand meters, left all those people behind to sit on the top of that mountain called ‘Rote Flüh’, took a breath of fresh air, thought abouth nothing in particular and painted.

As I sat there, a young couple of hikers watched me from the distance and pointed into my direction. A minute later he shouted. “Don’t be alarmed, there’s a capricorn just above your position. Be aware of stones.” I thanked him for the warning and knocked on my helmet.

Later that day the capricorn passed me without a single stone moving under its feet, as well as a nosy bird that watched that strange man with the helmet, brush and easel.

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