my WAR OF ART part01

‘my war of art part01’, 2016. Acrylic colors on paper, 42×30 cm.
momentary state of ‘my war of art part01’

Due to the upcoming madness in our beloved world I started an art project, featuring acrylic paintings, video, vanitas and a strong need for love, peace and happyness. I think there’s no explanation necessary of the overall meaning of it. Just enjoy the show.

In future I will be painting on the streets and in parks, documenting the beauty and peace of our current life. Then I will start war, paint over additional layers with the potential destruction that will occur, when people don’t START TO THINK OVER their political behavior. Part of the project will be video documentations of the making-of and discussions with passerbys.

Be nice to your neighbor and he will be nice to you!

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